Seneca ESG is a signatory to the United Nations Principles
for Responsible Investment (PRI) Initiative.

Step 1: ESG Data Collection & Management

Data collection for sustainability reporting could be very complicated and time-consuming work. Seneca ESG’s EPIC platform helps companies address these challenges by building a solid data collection and management system. 

Our solution in data collection and management has below features:

Step 2: ESG Scoring and Target Setting

Material ESG issues become a focus for companies as more and more stakeholders are aware of ESG risks and opportunities. So, internal benchmarking is important for a company to assess its performance on those material ESG issues regularly. Meanwhile, from the perspective of corporate development, companies may set future targets based on the score of the current year.

Seneca ESG provides a solution to achieve both:

Step 3: ESG Report Writing

Seneca ESG believes that ESG reporting should be a flexible and individualized process. For example, a company may comply with a local regulatory framework, it could also introduce global standards to form a better sense of where they stand as to the issues most material to them.

Seneca ESG provides a solution with features as below:

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