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Software solutions to simplify & automate ESG data management, analytics, reporting, and improvement.
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Seneca ESG is a signatory to the United Nations Principles
for Responsible Investment (PRI) Initiative.

Seneca ESG Partners

We partner with 3rd party data vendors from around the world to provide our customers with flexibility in data vendor selection. Our global partnerships ensure that you have access to the latest and most reliable ESG information.

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With the right consulting partners, we are ready to assist you with any requests or questions you may have.

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It’s important for companies to be transparent and accountable for their impact on the environment and society. ESG reporting can help you identify and manage risks, improve your reputation, and attract and retain investors and customers. Our team of experts can help you to understand and implement the most relevant ESG standards and frameworks, and develop a plan to track on your ESG performance.

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